Tom Holland moved to Florida in 1994 with a majority of his family during their retirement migration from New York.  Having experienced first-hand the importance of proper retirement planning strategies of his family, Tom discovered his passion for helping with these paramount decisions.

After college at the University of Florida and numerous jobs in the service industry ranging from Communications Technician to his own businesses in sales, he found his career as an insurance broker in 2012 uniquely focused on retirement needs. He is driven to help his clients decide the proper planning strategies regarding Health and Life insurance, long term care needs, guiding through social programs and benefit options, and protecting principal from market risk while providing reasonable rates of return and flexibility.

It is his goal to provide clarity and educate his clients approaching retirement, and eliminate any questions or confusion on these important subjects. In times such as these with so much change and uncertainty in the future, Tom is dedicated to help his clients with these decisions with the same time, care, and dedication as he did with his own family.



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